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Kings of England


King Athelstan
Born 895
Reigned 925 - 939
Died 939


A Grandson To Be Proud Of

thelstan or Aethelstan, son of Edward the Elder and grandson of Alfred the great, continued in the same fashion as his forebears. If Aethelfleda had not died when she did, she probably would have totally eliminated the Danish threat for ever. Had Alfred the Great continued squeezing the Danes, the children and grandchildren would not have had this problem. Forgiveness seemed to be endemic in this family. Following unrest in Yorkshire around 926, Athelstan with his forces marched north. Northumbria soon submitted. The king of the Scots, realising that he was probably the next conquest, also submitted. Athelstan was called to invade Scotland in 933 to quell a revolt.



The Alliance

n 937, a most unusual event occurred. Most of the rulers of Northern Britain joined forces to challenge a power of Athelstan. An unlikely alliance of Danes, Celts, Scots and probably other aggrieved parties. Under the leadership of Constantine, king of the Scots and Olaf, king of Dublin. Athelstan challenged the alliance to do battle. He was said to have been given the honour of deciding the time and the place. Two days of bloody fighting resulted in a English victory. The exact location of this battle is unclear, but is known as the battle of Brunanburgh. The defeated leaders retreated back to their kingdoms with their tails between their legs. Athelstan could now be considered the king of all England. This victory did not go unnoticed on the continent. He developed a reputation of being a great leader, and one to be feared. A message he would like the Scandinavian countries to heed.


Kings of England


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