Bayeux Tapestry.
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The most important relic to survive from the eleventh century. A stitched chronicle of the battle. Who commissioned it? How and where was it made and how did it manage to survive, when so little else did from those times? What does it tell us of the Battle of Hastings? The final button is the complete tapestry. The highlights are in five parts and include the more important events that led up to and concluded with the Battle of Hastings in 1066.


Harold being informed that he must go to see William


Edward the Confessor in 1064, informing Earl Harold that he must leave for Normandy to pay homage to Duke William and to confirm the agreement made between Edward and William in 1051 that William shall be king of England on Edward's death. Although a humiliating exercise for Harold, he would use the opportunity to try and arrange the release of Wulfnot and Harkon. The validity of William's claim to the throne of England and the promise made by Edward the Confessor will be discussed in the "further information" section.



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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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