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I received your e-mail and wanted to reply. I also have a few
questions for you about Regia Anglorum and other things. First, I
have no Idea if you know of Regia Anglorm, but I have been dealing
with them here in the states, trying to setup a branch over here. I
knoticed that there web site is gone and I cannot contect them.
Have you heard anything, have they disbanded? Second, I have
been elected to play eorl Harold Godwinesson in or living history
group. I want to recreate his as best as possible right down to the
design of his shield. I realize that heraldry was primative at this
time, but do you know what he might have had on his shield? If not
it is OK, I have some other lines out to friends in Scotland, and
such, I'm shure I'll find it some where. I like the way you have written
the site, it is much like the way I write. I feel the best way to write is
frome the heart, with passion. Keep up the good work, when our site
is up I let you know. Ron Black Dear Ron,

I don't know what has happened to this site. It is possible that it is
moving to a new provider. My own site is likely to be taken off the
web for renovation in a month or so. As for heraldic shield designs. I
don't think that it was considered significant to the saxon side to
have designs on the shields. Heraldry relates to the Knighthood. It
was well established in Normandy. William for Instance was two
lions, crossed swords and crown and Giffards three lions of reducing
size towards the bottom. It seems that the Saxon standard was
more important. If you are playing the role of Harold, I suggest you
obtain the pennnant of the fighting man.


N.B Regia Anglorum is now back


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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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