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The Arrogance of the BBC

The BBC has launched a guide to the Internet. As we may only
include sites which conform to our editorial guidelines we need to
ask the following questions:
If you run chat forums or bulletin boards and are they moderated?
How often do you update your site?
In addition, we need to know: Will your service provider allow
increased traffic to your site should it be recommended in our
We may like to include an icon or small image to accompany the
site review. Obviously we would have to make sure that it is
copyright cleared for use on your site and not owned by a third
party. Send us an image that represents your site and that can be
re-sized to between 100 and 150 pixels height and 100 to 150 pixels
wide. - A .gif or a .jpg. This image cannot be a company logo. Can
you either send this via an email or let us know the url.

We would be grateful if you could email us (at this address) this
information at your earliest convenience.

Thank You.

BBC Webguide

The person who composed this letter should be sacked...


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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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