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Denise_Montgomery wrote:

Dear Glen,

The one tiny flaw in your otherwise brilliant site is that you do not have
an "About Me" section so I have some idea of your credentials--are you a history professor at a university, someone who has just been a serious student of this topic your whole life, or maybe person employed at a  historic site connected to the battle? Have you published books or
articles on the topic aside from the web site? The reason why I bring thisup is because in the instruction classes we give to students on how to use web resources, we mention to look for some indication who put up the site--a history department, a museum, etc., or if it is an individual on a com site, to see if there is any information about the person's background and credentials so they can tell if this site is written by a someone who is an authority in the field. You did list bibliography and
sources, which helps immensely in convincing the user that this site
is a reliable resource, as well as the fact that you keep revising your

I ran across your site when I was searching for material on William The
Conqueror for a medieval history class I am doing this week. It was the
only site I saw, other than excerpts from online encyclopedias, which
looked like an appropriate source.

Dear Denise,

Thank you for your comments relating to my Battle of Hastings 1066 - web site.

One of your assumptions is correct.

There is one thing I have learnt whilst preparing this site. The definition of an expert is a contradiction in terms when it comes to this rather interesting period of English history. It depends more on the ability to speculate and read between the lines to appreciate something that might be construed as a possible alternative to the accepted view. Unlike the
legend of King Arthur, the life of Harold has not been dramatised and distorted over the years by the telling, even by Hollywood. No - I am not a professor, organisation,   museum or history dept. I am just an individual who lives on Caldbec Hill. Why I have spent 2 years doing this sometimes surprises me. I suppose it is "being there" which has inspired me. I cannot explain it to you easily. Read what you will and
compare it to traditional documents. Only then, will you be able to judge me. If you wish to read what others say about this site, try Online Encarta and the Encyclopaedia Britannica or the Scout report.


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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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