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Dear Glen,

My name is Kathy and I hail from the US. Ohio to be exact. I am about to realize a life-long dream of visiting your fair country and want you to know how much you will be enriching my experience because of your web site. Some months back, when I realized I was going to be visiting England (this coming week to be exact, June13th through June 20th, 1999), I began searching the internet for more historical information and really hit the jackpot with your site! I have always dreamed of visiting the southern part of England and have also always been inexplicably drawn to the architecture and way of life of the Norman era (which I had no idea was the Norman era until I read your web site, and I read every word, though it took many hours over several days). I knew so little of England's history and the little that I did know was all confused. I have never been a fan of history (American or English) as a subject in general, but you presented the information in a very interesting and exciting way. The figures became real people not just boring names to be memorized for a grade school test. Now, the villages, castles and churches I visit will come alive not just for their beauty, but for the rich past attached to them. My husband Fred and I are taking a tour through "Globus" which is called "London and the Best of Southern England". I hand picked this particular tour as it traverses many of the places and events you described. Friday, June 18th brings us through 1066 country. I will feel like I'm in on a great secret when we visit, that even our tour guide won't know about. Your colorful descriptions made me feel like I sat on the battle field observing it all happen. You also cleared up much of the confusion of what I did know of England's history. For instance I never really understood the term Anglo-Saxon, and had no idea they weren't the first inhabitants. Also your time frame and explanation of King Arthur dispelled some mis-information I had. I thought the mythical (or was it?) Camelot happened much later in history. The Roman occupation and Viking invasions were all news to me (as I said, I was never much interested in paying attention in history class while growing up-or maybe I just needed a teacher like you-incidentally, are you a professor of some sort?). Finally, as a graphic artist, I really enjoyed the layout of your site! It was not only fascinating to read, it was beautiful to look at, and I can well appreciate the effort you put into that end of it too! I just wanted to thank you for the many painstaking hours you must have taken to create this site for a person such as me. It was very rewarding to read it and will continue to be so as I experience your country firsthand next week. In closing, if your are available the Friday we are in your area, my husband and I would very much like to meetyou at one of your local pubs to buy you an ale as a thank you, and hear more of the wonderful wealth of knowledge you might be so inclined to impart. If this sounds horribly forward in that awful American way of ours please forgive me-it would be the customary thing to do in our country as a way of thanks-I am very worried about cultural no no's during our visit and offending someone and hence embarrassing myself. Hope I haven't done that already. We will be moving around quite alot during our visit but if you are able to meet us, you can reach us at the "Grand Thistle Bristol" Tel: 44 1179 291645 (June 17th-18th) or, the "Ashford International" Tel: 44 1233 219988 (June 18th-19th). I am not even sure how free our schedule is, or if you are available on such short notice (I meant to send this much sooner, but the demands of
two small children kept putting it off until this late hour). In any event, whether I am able to thank you in person or not, thank you again for a wonderful web site!

Sincerely, Kathleen Sarazin

Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for your comments on my Battle of Hastings 1066 web site.

Only today have I had a chance to retrieve my email. I am very sorry that I was unable to meet you in person. Your letter was one of the nicest I have ever received. I truly hope that you enjoyed your trip to the UK and that the next time you come - we can arrange something.


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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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