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I was fascinated to see your web pages about the Battle of Hastings. I am the Vicar of Bosham, where the Tapestry shows Harold praying prior to his departure to Normandy. One of my parishioners has written a somewhat conjectural booklet on all this which you might be interested to read. If you send me your name and snail-mail address I will send it to you for your amusement if nothing else. A theory in his is that Harod II was not buried at Waltham Abbey, as most historians believe, but may have been buried in Bosham Church. As I say, if you would like this, I will gladly send it to you. Another booklet, which I will include, is to do with the surprising accuracy of the Tapestry in its details of Bosham Church.

I look forward to returning again and again to your Website. Well done! (Revd) Tom Inman

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your comments on my Battle of Hastings 1066 site.

Your letter and photograph was most interesting. Any information that you have that progresses our understanding of those events is most welcome. I would like to eventually use your letter and photograph, if you do not mind, in the account. I will credit you, of course, as the source.

I would like to revisit Bosham to take further photographs. It was getting late when the originals were taken and are not that good.

Would it be possible sometime in the future to visit you at Bosham to discuss this detail of the tapestry and take more photographs using your local knowledge? The booklets would be most useful. Address below.

As you have probably noticed, I am not short of a theory or two. The most pressing is the scene of the battle followed by Harold's burial location. If I was Harold, I would have liked my remaining housecarls to remove me from the scene, to a place that meant so much to me. I would also love to know the final fate of the standards.

So many questions for the future.

Thomas Inman wrote:

I am sending the booklets to you post haste. Do contact me when you wish to visit Bosham and I will arange for you to meet John Pollock.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for the booklets. I have been reading them with much interest. It has always been so difficult to prove anything from those times with any certainty. Your friend has speculated well, and as stated in my epilogue " sometimes, that is all we can do ". To be honest, it really comes down to a gut feeling rather than fact because you research the subject so much and almost live for the characters that you begin to think that you understood their thought processes. For me, it almost became a spiritual thing. I don't normally write quite so dramatically, but you may possibly understand what I mean more than most. I am trying to decide how to develop my site now. Information well researched such as this, even if it proves to be unfounded in the end, has incredible possibilities. You would not believe the interest there is in this subject. When we meet, I would like to discuss how to take this forward. I make no profit from my site. My reward are the letters from people such as yourself.

I look forward to meeting you both in the future and will be in touch soon.

Best Wishes

Glen Crack

N.B .... I have not kept this promise yet, but will in the future.




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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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