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Dear Glen,

thankyou for such a lovely and comprehensive site. I originally found this in a set of links on a cross stitch page. This being because I am an embroiderer and needlework fanatic. The tapestry itself is worth the trip to the site but the history and information included was so good that I spent several hours looking and reading. I will be back to explore more.

My husband upon seeing this site asked if you had it on CD rom, as he works full time and can't surf the net like I can. I think that this is a worth while thought to try and produce, and thought that I might bring it to your attention.

I can certainly appreciate the time and effort it has taken you to produce this site, the only comment I have in a negative manner is the pages on your home site that have all the links, and the information about the site, which print off in pale yellow and are impossible to read off screen. Otherwise the site is magnificent, and worth the trip by scholars, and interested parties.

I have read some of the comments by a few of the readers and must say that they are sometimes nit picking. The one in particular from " Shelly Carter", in which she states she is not a flaming feminist but seems to be one is a prime example. I have totally maxed out on politically correct terminology, it makes the brain ache, the words block and the pages unwieldy. I do agree that grammar and proper sentence structure is a must, but also since she is not the person who has sweated over and constructed this piece of work, instead of making criticism in general, maybe she could go over the site and proof it and send accurate and pleasant suggestions on how to improve it.

As you can plainly see my grammar and sentence structure is not the best, in fact I failed most of those things while in school. I live with a brother who is one of the most perfectionist writers of all times, and am constantly being subjected to correction of the written and spoken word. He is also a computer nut and is in the process of building his own web sites and spends hours glued to the screen and still goes back the next time and discovers errors that have crept past his eagle eye, in both spelling and grammar, so I don't expect others to be perfect. I can also appreciate the complex and deeply taxing task this site has been to put together and get on the net. So keep up the good work, and enjoy the kudos that come your way as a result.

I will be sending this url to a great many of my penfriends who are also interested in the Bayeux Tapestry as a work of art, history and the needle.

Yours truly, and with great respect,

Dear Eva,

Thank you for your comments on my Battle of Hastings 1066 web site. Try setting your browser up for printing black text. No CD rom I am afraid at the moment. This site is still only half completed.


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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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