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-: The Roll of Battle Abbey A.D 1066 :-

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Genealogy is a subject that has generated much interest from those of you who have had the patience to trace your family history back to 1066.

From the many hundreds of letters I have received, so many people have enquired about the

"Roll of Battle Abbey"

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The Roll of Battle Abbey comprises the names of the known principal Norman Knights who accompanied William across the English Channel to engage Harold II and the English Saxons at the Battle of Hastings on the 14th October 1066.

Following  the construction of the Abbey, which now stands on the battle site, the order , proclamation or request was made to  create  a list of all those eminent Knights who fought in this battle. It is now known as the -

"Roll of Battle Abbey"

There are examples of names which are still commonplace today in Britain, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In fact, all those countries that have been under the influence of the Normans, either directly by invasion or population migration. To indicate this point, I have re-produced small sections of the Roll of Battle Abbey with some of the more interesting names that western English speakers might associate with. The Norman influence now spans the world.


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A small section of the

"Roll of Battle Abbey"


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The "W" names from the above wallchart.


-: At the time of uploading :-

I have managed to acquire a very limited number of wallcharts for those who are interested in this period.

The chart is 50 cm wide and 65 cm high. It consists of about 800 names in italic text. The perimeter of the chart contains 48 Norman coats of arms - of which you can see examples on this page.

If you wish to purchase one of these charts, please email me below.

Please note that this wallchart only contains names. It has limited use for serious research. I can neither guarantee the names or the accuracy of the contents. Please read the above description and be aware or this before you enquire.

Please do not ask genealogical questions if you write to me. I have neither the time or knowledge to answer them.


Any profit made by this site will be used for further development.







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